Tensile Testing in ITINDT Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Certifying Material Quality with Tensile Testing

Testing the ability of any material to safely sustain a load before breaking up is of paramount importance for industries – especially in the automotive, construction, engineering and aerospace sectors – where failure of equipment parts, structures or systems can be catastrophic. Tensile Testing, also known as tension testing, provides information on how materials react to forces being applied in tension and the inferred response upon testing is then used to determine the strength, ultimate tensile strength, elasticity and ductility of the material. These tests are completely standardized and are simple and relatively inexpensive. Suitably prepared standardized specimens are loaded in a very controlled manner in a tensile testing machine to obtain a response which is then used accordingly. The method of tensile testing varies in accordance with the material that is to be tested. The data collected from tensile testing provides better information on known materials and is also used in developing new materials.

Today, tensile testing is mainly performed by computerized testing machines, enabling generation of reliable tensile data. Tensile testing is used in the various industry sectors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah and other emirates in the UAE for quality control in the production process and for predicting the life of the material in its applied field.

Why should Tensile Testing be done on materials?

In any industry, it is important to know if a material, component or part is strong or tough enough to withstand the loads it will experience during its service life. Tensile testing plays an important role in providing data which is used by the various industry sectors as a measure to control the quality and safety of materials. The main benefits of tensile testing include:

  • It provides information on the limiting values a material can withstand without failure.
  • The data collected by testing is helpful in the designing of critical components.
  • It helps in finding out if a material complies with the strength requirements specified for it.
  • Tensile testing provides information on the strength of the materials which is a valid criterion for design and which is useful in the selection of the correct materials for a desired application.
  • It minimizes replacement costs by predicting the life of a material

Although tensile testing is a simple and straightforward process, the results obtained from it could be incorrect if the parameters like the test specimen specifics, tension machine characteristics, temperature, strain rate, etc. are not properly designed. Therefore, testing should be performed carefully and only be undertaken by qualified technicians who have the necessary expertise in the field.

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