Modern and sophisticated testing and inspection procedures are employed to ascertain whether precision-engineered products are built to the exacting standards to which these are designed and modeled. Advanced inspection methods are also employed to check if engineering installations in industries like oil and gas and construction comply with the specifications to which these are to be built.

Many large corporations have established testing procedures for products and services they procure and employ qualified and skilled personnel – either in-house or outsourced – to carry out the prescribed tests before these products and services are commissioned for use. The inspection service providers are fully-equipped with the latest instruments and accessories to carry out the prescribed tests in each field. The test results are compared against the reference standards for acceptable quality and the inspector will approve for further use only the products and services that are fully compliant to the specifications and standards.

Inspection service providers offer a variety of advanced inspection services to customers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Fujairah in sectors like oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, etc. They also give necessary training to technically-qualified people who aspire to become inspectors in this field.
Some of the advanced inspection services offered by specialist inspection service providers are listed below:

  • Ferrite Test
  • Vacuum Box Testing
  • Holiday Testing
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Inspection Services
  • Portable Hardness Test

The benefits of advanced inspection

With the rapid advancement of advanced inspection technologies, the benefits derived from these services are innumerable. Some of the main advantages of an advanced inspection include:

  • When properly performed by qualified inspectors, it can help solve complex issues in the areas of quality control, life extension of components, serviceability, etc.
  • It ensures safe operation of systems and compliance with safety standards
  • It is a cost effective option that can save critical time when properly applied.
  • Generation of reports within a short span of time enable clients to make informed decisions and take appropriate remedial measures.

A competent advanced inspection service provider is a must to ensure that the inspections are carried out thoroughly and performed according to specifications. To assure the quality of inspections, the service providers should not only be equipped with the right equipments but also with well qualified and trained inspectors who are able to interpret the reports accurately and provide effective solutions when necessary.

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